Rydlyme Marine Test for Boat Cleaning Applications

South Santee Aquaculture
Kevin Hutchinson Owner of South Santee Aquaculture
Watch this test video below that we made which shows just how powerful Rydlyme Marine is at eating away shells and other crusted marine growth which forms on the bottom of boats and other marine vessels. Also added to our SouthSanteeTV channel on Youtube.

What is Rydlyme Marine? (brochure at bottom of post)

RYDLYME Marine is a safe biodegradable marine descaler developed to dissolve problematic fouling mediums including calcium, rust, zebra mussels, barnacles, tiger shells and other mineral deposits that hinder the performance of vital water
systems. This safe and simple solution effectively dissolves rock-like scale deposits that contaminate your water-cooled marine equipment.

RYDLYME Marine can be used on all types of vessels including workboats, cruise ships, mega yachts, freighters, and recreational boats. With RYDLYME Marine you can clean-in-place to reduce workload and save valuable maintenance dollars. Our innovative product has no waste disposal problems; it is biodegradable in any concentration.

RYDLYME Marine can help save you money by removing unwanted marine deposits on heat exchangers, engine cooling systems, condensers and many more applications where fouling is a problem.

Watch as Rydlyme eats this Shell for Lunch!

Some Product Shots-Don't eat these...
Rydlyme Marine Brochure
A Brochure for Rydlyme Marine is available to you below or by contacting us at South Santee Aquaculture
You can also contact us through the toolbar at the bottom of this page-and for that matter, order Rydlyme from the store in the toolbar.
Rydlyme Marine Large Container
Rydlyme comes in various sizes, depending on the type of application you are wanting to use it for. You have the small tester size above and this 30 gallon Container below.

Rydlyme Brochure for Download


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