Pond Management

Commercial Pond Management
We provide installation and service of fountains and aerators, pond and lakewater management including aquatic weed control, water aeration systems, fish stocking and algae control. We are presently in our 20th year of business and proud of our accomplishments in water quality management services for the South Carolina coast, working diligently with our local Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife Management Agencies to help protect our tributaries and estuaries. Through our monthly service contracts we manage hundreds of ponds and lakes along the South Carolina coast helping to create balanced eco-systems to establish effective, manageable aquatic buffer zones. These buffers inhibit wastewater and stormwater run-off pollutants from entering and destroying our pristine natural aquatic breeding grounds. Our clients are primarily industrial facilities, commercial pond and lake owners, home owners associations, businesses and golfing communities. AlgaeControl.US (the exclusive North American Distributor for LG Sound) is a division of South Santee Aquaculture, Inc. created to distribute the LG Sonic ultrasonic algae control products. AlgaeControl.us offers the most effective chemical-free algae control method available not only to our local clients, but to dealers, agents and all who have algae control problems throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.
Your Pond needs top quality fish and that's exactly what we have for you! We can provide them along with custom stocking plans to accomodate your needs. We use excellent genetic stocks to be able to deliver healthy fish to you and/or your pond. All Fish are available from our Swimming Rockfish Farms Division. Most species of fish can be purchased at different sizes and all orders should be booked 3 weeks in advanced before desired stocking date.