Saltwater Ultrasonic Algae Control

We often get questions about how the ultrasonic technology works in marine or saltwater applications.  We recently got the note below from Rick Eager, Senior Fisheries Biologist at Swimming Rock Fish & Shrimp Farm.

Dear AlgaeControl.US,

Just a short note to let you know how well the sonic unit took care of my shrimp ponds algae crash cycle.  Stopped It Dead!

My shrimp pond in late August/September was cycling between green algae blooms and crashes every 8-10 days depending on sunlight input.  I started the ultrasonic unit after the crash and the pond never bloomed again. Great!  The shrimp grew well.  My saltwater salinity was about 24 ppt.  So if folks ask if ultrasound works in saltwater, the answer is Definitely!

My best,
Rick Eager
We have other applications done in marine environments as well, but this is the latest testimonial to the effectiveness of the ultrasonic technology in these types of water systems.