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Aerating Fountains
Fountains are a great way to enhance the aethetics and health of any pond or lake. But did you know that Kasco Pond Aerators (Also Called High Oxygen Transfer Units) are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial aquaculture operations, industrial applications, and municipal waste water Plants, as well?

With more vertical-pump-type aerators in use in North America than any other manufacturer, Kasco is the clear market leader in products proven to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Kasco pond aerators dramatically agitate high volumes of water at the surface to maximize exposure of water to the air for valuable gas exchange, greatly improving your pond or lake aeration.

Kasco Marine's 1400JFL

1/4hp Floating, Aerating Fountain will beautify any small backyard pond 1400jf Pond Fountain Ospreyor watergarden and is great for use in residential applications as well as entry way ponds (1400JF without lights). The 1400JFL floatingfountain design allows for 5 interchangeable nozzle heads and LED lights, while keeping a low price for our customers.

F2400VFX Floating Aerating Fountain

Also known as Decorative Fountain Aerator is great for smaller farm ponds. The 2400VFX2400vfx Aerator FountainFloating Fountain is a Kasco classic. The classic Kasco "V" pattern, now a larger 5' Tall x 15' Wide pattern gives this model a beautiful, aerating fountain pattern that will improve water quality and aesthetics of any pond or body of water. Kasco's 2400VFX Floating Aerating Fountain does a great job of adding oxygen and improving your lake or pond aeration.

Marine's 4400VFX

1 hp Floating, Aerating Fountain or Decorative Fountain Aerator is great for medium to large ponds.4400vfx Aerator Fountain The classic Kasco "V" fountain pattern, now a larger 8' Tall x 26' Wide gives this model a beautiful fountain pattern. The 4-Blade Prop causes less water slippage past the prop blades giving the 4400VFX Floating, AeratingFountain the highest water flow per Kilowatts of power used Kasco has to offer. Kasco's 4400VFX Floating Aerating Fountain does an excellent job at adding oxygen and improving your pond or lake aeration. The floating, aerating fountain pattern will assist in improving your water quality as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of your pond. The 4400VFX Floating, Aerating Fountains are available in 120V or  240V, 60Hz models.

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Kasco Marine's 8400VFX

Kasco Marine's NEW 8400VFX, 2 hp Floating, Aerating Fountain or Decorative Fountain Aerator is great for larger ponds.8400vfx Aerator Fountain The classic Kasco "V"fountain pattern, 8' tall x 32' wide gives this model a beautiful fountain pattern. The larger motor and enhanced propeller design gives the 8400VFX 2.5 times the water flow as the 4400VFX. Kasco's 8400VFX Floating Aerating Fountain does an excellent job at adding oxygen and improving your pond or lake aeration. The floating,aerating fountain pattern will assist in improving your water quality as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of your pond. The 8400VFX Floating,Aerating Fountains are available in 240V, 60Hz models.

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Kasco Marine's 3.1JF, 3Hp Fountain

Kasco Marine's 3.1JF, 3 hp Floating Aerating Fountain provides the power needed to adequately aerate larger ponds and provide eye-catching decorative displays.3jf 3Hp Aerator Fountain The 3.1JF is supplied with a state-of-the-art GFCB protected control panel, model C-85. The panel includes a 240 volt control panel with timer, GFCB protection, 120V GFI protected outlet for lights, and photocell for light operation. Kasco recommends a licensed electrician to install the C-85 control panel and the 3.1JF if you plan to hard-wire the unit into the C-85 control panel.  The 3.1 JF boasts an innovative float design with a low profile in the water for enhanced appearance, plus an attractive decorative shape

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Kasco Marine's 5.1 JF (New!)

5 HP Floating, Aerating Fountain, or Decorative Fountain Aerator
 Kasco Marine's NEW 5.1JF, 5 hp Floating Aerating Fountain or Decorative Fountain Aerator is great for larger ponds or when multiple large patterns are desired.5jf Aerator FountainThe Kasco 5.1JF Floating Aerating Fountain is unique for its size, in that, it comes standard with 6 interchangeable nozzles and can be operated without a nozzle to give you 7 FOUNTAIN PATTERNS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!

Model VFX

Kasco Marine's 5.1 VFX

The classic Kasco "V" fountain pattern, 9' tall x 34' wide gives this model a beautiful eye-catching display. 5VFX Aerator FountainThe larger motor and enhanced propeller design gives a pumping rate of over 800 gallons per minute, adding maximum oxygen to improve your pond or lake aeration. It will assist in improving your water quality as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of your pond. It is available in a 240V, 60Hz model.
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