Testimonials for Sonic Solutions Effectiveness

South Santee Aquaculture

Testimonials to Sonic Solutions Effectiveness

Golf Course

"We installed one of your
Sonic Solutions ultrasonic algae eliminators in our largest
pond...we discontinued the use of chemical algaecides in that
pond. Within a week or two after start up, the algae in the pond
died. Since then, the pond has remained algae free. During this
same period, we continued to treat our other ponds with the usual algaecides. It’s fantastic that your Sonic Solutions unit
has kept the pond on the 13th the cleanest of our six ponds and
has done so without the use of any chemical algaecides. I would be
happy to provide a reference to any potential Sonic Solutions customers. I am very pleased that the Sonic Solutions unit offers
us a way to kill algae, and prevent its return, without

Michael Jr. Rohwer
Course Superintendent

Country Club, Vista, CA

Waste Water Treatment Plant

“Crikey, Sonic Solutions
not only cleaned up the blue green algae, it also cleaned up the
shells of the turtles in the pond!”

Col Stanger
of Wastewater Treatment


Central Queensland, Australia


"On the 25th of July we
installed a SonicSolutions model SS-500 in our dock area. After
just over two weeks the results in the immediate area were
extraordinary with areas further out taking somewhat longer but
achieving the same result. The SonicSolution system eliminated the
algae while causing no harm to any of the fish and other wildlife
in the area tested and our club was very pleased with the

Michael Kellstrand
Willow Bank Yacht Club

Botanical Garden

"In 2001 at Winterthur, An
American Country Estate, we tested and subsequently purchased two
SonicSolutions units for use in our irrigation pond and pump house
tank. The result has been a great reduction in algae and the need
for application of algaecides. The SonicSolutions units have
performed well in controlling algae and have proved cost effective
compared to the labor and chemical costs of our previous algae
control efforts. Thank you SonicSolutions!"

Marlin Dise, Horticultural
Maintenance Supervisor

James Smith,
Horticultural Supervisor

Winterthur, An
American Country Estate


Golf Resort

"I installed the
SonicSolutions units when my ponds already had algae in them. I
was completely surprised how quickly they killed the algae and
helped to significantly lower my chlorophyll levels! Being in the
warm climate of Puerto Rico, I wasn't sure they would work for me,
but they succeeded far beyond my expectations!"

Gonzalo Vargas
Beach Golf Resort

Rio Grande, Puerto

Country Club

Country Club, Louisville, KY

Country Club

"Matt Ceplo, the course
superintendent, installed the Sonic Solutions Model SS 500, took
the photographs of the algae in the pond and waited for the

'machine' is working! I couldn't swear it took care of the algae
problem all by itself, but the pond sure looks better."

Matt Ceplo
Course Superintendent

Rockland Country
Club, Rockland, NY


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