A Couple of Testimonials from Our Customers

South Santee Aquaculture

I contacted Rick Eager, Sr. Fisheries Biologist at Swimming Rockfish Farms Division of South Santee Aquaculture on May 7th 2008 about algae problems in 2 ponds. He advised me about using Tilapia to control it. Our community association has 2 ponds located on Little Oak Island, Folly Beach, SC. One pond was absolutely choking with filamentous algae and the other was about half covered.

South Santee Aquaculture stocked a mixture of 200 Nilotica and Aurea Tilapia in each one that very day. The fish appeared healthy and vigorous. By early June the second pond appeared much improved and by late June, the first pond looked Fantastic!. I would advise anyone with similar aquatic problems to contact this company. We are very pleased and impressed.

Robert Carlson DVM
Little Oak Island Community Association Folly Beach, SC

It is with great pleasure that I HIGHLY recommend South Santee Aquaculture for the stocking of any fish pond. Having been recommended by South Carolina DNR, I found them very helpful and efficient in what they do. My pond was stocked with large mouth bass, shellcrackers and bream. They arrived in a large truck with ample holding tanks for transportation. Since it was August with temperatures in the 90's, this was important. All fish seem to be doing quite well. We look forward to having a lot of fun fishing next year and watching these grow into monsters.

Good Fishing!
Jim Booth

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