New Additions to AlgaeControl.US Social Presence

South Santee Aquaculture

Over the past couple of days, we have been very busy making friends and sharing what we know about pond management and controlling algae and bio-film online. We are currently in the process of completely redesigning our website at SouthSantee. With this said, you can now find even more answers to your burning questions by visiting a few new places that have been created for us on the web (thanks to Justin Farrow of Neighbor Design).

First, we have a new algae information wiki that will be a work in progress from this day forward. Here, you will soon be able to find any and all information related to research studies related to algae and aquatic management. Next we have (as you can see) many new additions to the blog. We also can now be followed on Twitter. Our future in social networking in order to offer the best service available is well under way, to say the least. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed as we are preparing to release some of the first video content and tutorials available on the web related to pond management and the processes involved with controlling algae and bio-film.


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